1962 Industrias Zelu was founded with the objective of designing and manufacturing electromagnetic retarders.
1972 1,000 units are manufactured and sold.
1988 Current Directors (Javier and Jose Antonio Alvarez) join the company.
1994 4,500 units manufactured and sold/ Sales volume of 6 million Euros.
2000 Cofresa is acquired.
2001 Certification ISO9000:1994.
2002 Entrance into North American market. OEM contacts established.
2003 Introduction into market of a new electronic control system known as EPM/ECM.
2004 Establishment of Klam America in Denver CO (vehicle mounting, inventory, sales, support and distributor.
2006 Second Generation of Electronic controls known as ECS.
2009 New factory distribution with the latest in machinery technology.
Begin Q1 Certification.
2014 Certification TS 16949