Mission and Vision
  • Establish Zelu as the world leader in the manufacturing of Electro Magnetic Retarders.
  • Guarantee the best prices and technical support to OEMs.
  • Increase sales and distribution with the objective of offering the best service to our customers.
  • Establish a presence in all countries throughout the world.
  • Introduce new applications and technologies in the Electro Magnetic Retarder market.
  • Establish a presence in all service bulletins of all major OEMs throughout the world.
  • Sales Objective: Reach No. 1 Worldwide ( in quality, sales and service). Continue the development and implementation of new quality certifications that help us improve our product and in this way offer our customers regular improvements and the best service after the sale.

After 50 yrs in business, at Industrias Zelu we have learned that the most important thing is satisfying our customers. This is what has made Industrias Zelu a world leader in the implementation of new materials and technologies. This is the philosophy and path that we will follow from now and into the future.