Why Klam electro magnetic retarders.

- The Klam retarders are lighter, smaller, less consumption and have more braketorque.
By using the 8 coil or 16 coil system (depending on the application) the retarders have better performance on every area in comparison with our competition. Competitive dimensions and weights in conjunction with torque and consumption are standard.
The product range of Klam enclose traditional 16 coils -to 8 (or 6) coil system and are applicable for driveline -, transmission –, or axle installation.

- The Klam retarders are maintenance free.
Due to the closed construction the bearings are greased for life.

- The design of the Klam retarder is modular.
This means in case of a repair the parts are easy to exchange and can be handled without special tooling nor training.

- The Klam retarder uses isolated ground circuitry.
Which eliminated the bearing failure or other damage to bearing in transmission or differiential.

- The Klam retarder has many applications.
Not only the automotive application is available but also a wide range of industial retarders types are manufactured for all kinds of retardation.

- Production at ISO9000 standards / Quality control department.
The use of modern production methods and computer aided design resulted in a cast stator, which gives high precision and good heat absorption.

- 40 years experience at hand.
Learning from the past like the coil fixing system is standard on every Klam retarder (U/L standard).

- Research & Development.
Since2002 the Klam product line is available with electronic control systems.
This EPM/ECM System will give many benefits to the truck & bus OEM and provides the possibility to intergrate the retarder into the vehicle management.

- Brake Retarder a new generation of electro magnetic retarders.
Suitable for light weight vehicles, it will be launched on January 2002. Industrias Zelu S.L. answers on the demands of the markets and customers.

- All materials used and products aquired for manufacturing the retarder line are according
U/L approval (US Standard / comply EC regulations).