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Installation of the ECS

  • The location of the ECS needs to be a flat clean surface, e.g. Chassis rail
  • The ECS is connected directly to the battery and vehicle signals (ABS, Tacho…)
  • Retarder wires are connected to the ECS by means eyelet terminals.Battery plus and ground are not interchangeable to make incorrect installation impossible.
  • ECS can be installed with all KA and CFK retarders.
  • ECS is connected to each coil cluster separately for better monitoring.
  • No staging just proportional retardation 0%-100%.
  • Parameter configuration via ECS software.
  • ECS is connected to the vehicle battery.


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ECS can be fitted to all CFK and KA Retarders
  ECS (+ & --) and retarder ground are connected straight to the vehicle battery.    All coils are connected with the ECS. No stages, but proportional control.