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Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of I. ZELU, company dedicated to the manufacture of electromagnetic retarders, is oriented towards satisfying the demands and expectations of its customers and other relevant stakeholders. This is a key condition for maintaining the success of the company, being vital the direct participation of the all functional areas.logo

From an internal point of view, the Quality Policy is aimed at improving the company management and qualifying ourselves in terms of quality management, taking as a model work systems and benchmarks.

The mind of Continuous Improvement and the will to adapt to changes will be the means of an increasingly efficient use of resources. It is also a fundamental commitment of I. ZELU the Continuous Improvement of everything related the Quality System: increasing the satisfaction of customers and relevant stakeholders, improving the effectiveness of our productive system and the efficiency of our work, but without forgetting the improvement of the security of the jobs and the fulfillment of the applicable legal requirements. 

The union of all the above will get that our company is more competitive every day, that we can accomplish the expectations deposited in us and we are able to increase our market and  introduce ourselves to new ones.

This Management, totally committed to this Quality Policy, states:

 positivo1  Its total support to all actions that affect Quality and Prevention of Occupational Hazards.

 Imagen relacionada  The important role represented by all I. ZELU staff in the achievement of the quality and the reduction of work accidents.

 positivo1  Its commitment to allocate the necessary resources, both human and material to achieve the established aims.

   Its disposition to all I. ZELU staff have knowledge of this quality policy as well as the customer requirements.  

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